Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Time

Can't believe Easter starts tomorrow.  The months' fly by so fast. 

I have just submitted my 2nd unit (Unit 5 - 3d) for assessment so fingers crossed.  For my 3 projects I made a baby girl exploding box, a 4 poster bed and a star card.  

I did the box for an order and the lady who ordered it and the final recipient loved it.  They said they are very unique and a lovely keepsake for the future, so I was thrilled.

I'm going to try and start the decorating tomorrow, although my other half is working, so I will have to start it on my own so doubt I will get any crafting done tomorrow.  Mind you it's my youngest nephews birthday Saturday so need to make his card yet.

Happy Easter everyone - don't eat too much chocolate in one go and don't go getting sticky finger marks on your lovely crafts.

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is looking lovely Vicki, the cards are fab and you are getting so good at those exploding boxes......good luck with the next part of the craft challenge .....heres to the next unit...half way through now....i think it would be lovely to do a little event for everyone to get together when we have finished...what do you think????
    Sharon x