Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Unit 5 Certificate in Papercraft

I heard from Assessor Jackie today that I passed Unit 5.  2 down 2 to go.  It seems to have gone quiet on the forum lately so hope everyone is okay.  Expect everyone is busy getting their projects finished.  I've joined 2 forums since being on the course, A Crafters Heaven (on e-bay) and Craftymess.   Everyone is really lovely and I've only participate in one challenge so far.  I don't want to commit to too much just yet in case I can't deliver with working and sorting out the kids.  Hopefully once I finish the course, I can get a bit more involved.  Will be posting more pictures of some of my work soon (not for the course).

Happy Crafting to all my new crafting buddies xx


  1. Well congrats on getting unit 5 welldone I go on craftymess too a lovely bunch of peeps have a great weekend
    Jacki xx

  2. Hi been blog hopping the day my you're blog is looking have some fab makes...well done on passing unit 5.
    indie:) x

  3. Me again,
    How do I get to Craftymess .... can you get me an invite ???
    Ike xxx